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Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Canary Wharf E14

It's only natural for families to experience stains on couches and sofas from time to time, either an accidental spill or just dust and pet hair accumulation. To remedy these natural occurrences you can use our upholstery cleaning services for Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets. We are offering you an affordable solution to any of your upholstery related problems. Our expertise also spans to the maintenance and cleaning of leather and other natural materials, giving a more complete coverage.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning in Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets

Upholstery cleaning Canary WharfWe have the knowledge and know-how to properly clean the upholstery of your furniture, reaching where you wouldn't otherwise think to reach. This is also an opportunity for you to be active elsewhere while getting your home cleaned by the professionals, that offer you many benefits, like:

  • Proper leather treatment
  • No drying or colour bleeding
  • Fabric protection
  • Longer lasting clean effects
  • No more mold or filth

You can acquire additional information on the aforementioned benefits as well as a full list of the other that we offer, by calling our customer support 020 3746 8250.

Service Details and Information

Leather upholstery cleaning and treatment - leather takes special care to last a long time, because regardless of its quality, time will have its toll on it. Over time and use it will lose its flexibility making it more prone to cracking and tearing, it will lose its colour which can be due to usage or time itself. This all can be prevented by the usage of our special conditioners and detergents that are designed to return the natural oils and flexibility that leather upholstery should have, while also protecting it from dirt. We apply said detergents and conditioners to the upholstery with a micro fiber cloth that rubs it gently into the surface and wiping any excess oils away.

Steam cleaning - because we can't reach all the places by hand, we resort to the usage of special attachments that can reach deep into the crevices of the upholstery of your furniture, extracting hidden treasures from beneath the cushions of your couch. There is water and heat involved so it is advised to be used on synthetic and woolen textiles that can withstand its cleaning power. For cleaning we use a detergent chosen precisely for the stain and fiber in mind, it is then applied and steam extracts all the filth quickly and efficiently.

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