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Quality Rug Cleaning Services in Canary Wharf E14

We are now offering you a more convenient and safe way of cleaning and maintaining the beauty of your exotic or regular rugs, regardless of size, price and condition. We take extra care when cleaning expensive Persian and other oriental rugs, which have sensitive textiles, and we offer you a thorough cleaning of said rugs, at a lowered price.

Booking this treatment along with one other gives you a discount of 35%, so don't hesitate and give us a call at 020 3746 8250 to book or just ask.

Pro Cleaning Benefits

Rug cleaning Canary WharfAs a professional rug cleaning service we know through time and experience what your rugs need to be kept safe, the fibers well conditioned and colours more vivid than ever. With this come a lot more benefits for you and your rugs, like:

  • Dust free environment
  • Better looking colours
  • Soften, conditioned rug fibers
  • Isolation and full removal of filth and stains
  • A healthier place for you and your family

These benefits are just a few of the many that this service has, to find out more or just ask for help with the booking, call this 24/7 supported number 020 3746 8250 and our reps will be more than happy to help you.

Our Service and What you Need to Know

Steam cleaning - because sometimes you just need brute force to remove some stains, we use this carefully calibrated steam procedure that offers impeccable cleaning potential, without harming your synthetic and woolen rugs. For a more precise cleaning experience our cleaners are using a narrow nozzle attachment to our steam cleaning machine, this streamlines the exhausted steam into a cleaning edge while also minimizing the moisture exposure to a minimum. This same nozzle is used as an extraction edge which with vacuum becomes a very powerful vacuum cleaner which we use to extract all of the moisture and filth from your rugs.

Dry cleaning - it comes a time when your delicate rugs need to be cleaned, and for this time we have a specially engineered and optimised treatment for silk, cotton, satin and even kashmir. By not using water or heat as cleaning mechanics, we expand the horizon of fibers we can safely clean and give your rugs a fighting chance against dirt and grime. We apply this special detergent on the affected area and if stains are involved we imbed it with a fine brush then use vacuum to draw it our after waiting 10 minutes for it to react. After that your rugs are fully cleaned and 100% dry, no waiting required.

Booking rug cleaning

Call us on 020 3746 8250 or fill in the booking form for a quick and efficient booking. In the free live chat you can ask any questions regarding our services and also receive a free quote.