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Reviewed by C. D. Penny on Apr 25, 2015

More and more companies should be like this one, I wasn't as happy of the cleaner's work so I asked for a refund, they asked if I wanted a free cleaning first and then a refund, I agreed, and the second time around the results were impeccable. What a great customer support team, very glad and I will continue to use them despite the little incident we had.


Reviewed by Katheline S on Feb 19, 2015

Customer support was up to par, they were happy to help me out, very kind and knowledgeable, ready to answer any of my questions. I felt well taken care off and after they cleaners were gone I received a follow up phone call to ask if everything was ok, what a great way to treat a client!


Reviewed by Ivon T. on Sep 25, 2014

I've had work with them before and even though some people here might have encountered a bad cleaning, during my 2 years with them I've never once experienced anything but perfection, that's some penny for your thoughts.


Reviewed by Philip L. on Jun 18, 2014

When you work hard you want your money to be spent worthwhile, I trusted this company with my invested and home, gave them access to my belongings and am more than happy with the results they have been delivering out and the attitude towards a customer, very friendly and helpful.

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