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Qualified Mattress Cleaners in Canary Wharf E14

For an old, filthy and deprecated mattress or severe bed bug or dust mite contamination, this service offers a fantastic chance to have your bed cleaned with a natural, beneficial treatment that lowers toxicity levels and does not expose you to any more chemicals. Invest in your sleep and health by calling our team and asking for any of our mattress cleaning treatments and receive a big discount on a double booking order.

Benefits for Choosing Mattress Cleaning in Canary Wharf

Mattress cleaning Canary WharfNo stain, bed bug infestation or odour will stand in the way of a good night's rest after we are done with your mattress. Offering you a safe and environmentally sound way of cleaning any mattress type, giving you a chance to enjoy many benefits, like:

  • Pest free sleeping
  • Fresh, naturally smelling bed
  • Dust will be gone
  • No more human hairs of dead skin
  • Careful memory foam treatments

And all of that after you place a quick call at 020 3746 8250 free of charge, any time of the day or night, just call and ask.

Mattress Cleaning Procedures

U.V lights treatment - its well known that bed bugs and dust mites can be extremely difficult to fully remove from a mattress or pillow, even if using harmful chemicals it would do more harm than good, exposing you to harmful substances while not guaranteeing 100% their removal. This is why we've started using laboratory grade techniques that removal all bacterial and pest infections from fibers without harming them. A stet of Ultraviolet emitting lights are placed around the mattress, turned on for a given amount of time, then we draw all of the dead bugs out, along with any other nasty things that might be lingering there, using a powerful vacuum machine. It's quick and most importantly safe for you and your family.

Steam cleaning - allows us to battle stains and odours on your mattress, while also serving as a follow up procedure to the UV lights treatment. We use steam and a detergent to treat stains, dust accumulations and odours. Our cleaners extract everything after injecting the top layers of the mattress with this mixture then immediately drawing it our using a vacuum machine. We use all natural bio detergents that leave no toxic traces in the fibers, making your bedroom a healthier, safer place.

Booking and discounts

You can book both of these treatments at the same time and get a 35% discount on the overall price of your order, call 020 3746 8250 now to book or get info on these treatments and how the discount works.