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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We use specialized machines that require a certificate to be operated, and while we use bio-degradable detergents, we prefer that customers stay away as to make the cleaning easier.

A: By all means yes, you can supervise our cleaners and give them pointers, be sure to inform them before the cleaning starts.

A: Yes, we screen each and one of our cleaners for compatibility with out standards, while also requiring that they go through a special professional training course that certifies them in the proper operation of machines and usage of detergents. We also do a follow up call to see if everything has gone smoothly.

A: We prefer if the residents of the house move any heavy furniture, as to minimize the liability and expedite the cleaning process.

A: We issue a full refund of the paid amount and send a cleaning crew out free of charge.

A: We've optimised and streamlined our cleaning processes to where they do not require the usage of heavy chemicals, but can now use bio-degradable detergents. All solutions have been tested and approved by the local authorities and deemed as safe for domestic use.

A: CallingĀ 020 3746 8250 is a good way to start, while we also support a live chat where you can get quick answers to any question you may have.